Koyorad All Aluminum Radiator | Nissan 240SX 1995-1998

Koyorad All Aluminum Radiator | Nissan 240SX 1995-1998 - RamenTuning

Koyorad All Aluminum Radiator | Nissan 240SX 1995-1998

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Having the reputation for being one of the world's leaders in designing and manufacturing aftermarket radiators is a reputation well deserved by the Koyorad company who had its beginning in a radiator repair shop in 1956. And all of this is accomplished because Koyorad has an outstanding team of engineers with a totality of over fifty four years experience. Improvement of product line and implementing new technologies in the company’s radiator and condenser line is a key demand at Koyorad since they want to assure you, the customer, of a top quality product.


The use of primo quality aluminum and extensive testing to guarantee a perfect fit, pleasing appearance and excellent performance in every Koyorad racing radiator is the key to their success. And as an added bonus it will not be necessary for you to drill cut or relocate anything when installing your Koyorad radiator. The quality of the Koyorad radiator is certain to meet even the most discerning customer’s demands with its primo OE grade materials whether it be aluminum, copper, brass or plastic and all are made to last for years.

And being able to say your aftermarket radiators are the industry’s best fitting radiator is due to the expertise of the engineers at Koyorad who have created detailed plastic tank molds with important components like structural reinforcements, supports for coolant return lines and reservoirs as well as fan mounts. And quality control leaves no stone unturned in their desire to give you a quality product with tubes and fins that offer excellent coolant flow together with dynamic heat transfer.

And being one of a few aftermarket manufacturers who can reinforce their header plates on select models of radiators is no small accolade for Koyorad since this feature will provide your radiator with increased surface area for support in those areas where internal pressure is higher than the norm thus resulting in increased strength and durability. Transmission coolers and connectors are, of course, application specific for ease of installation and the header plates are designed to fit correctly for a tight seal.

The brass tank and copper core radiators from Koyorad are second to none for durability and excellent heat transfer and another fine choice if you are on a budget is the Koyorad radiator with a plastic tank and aluminum core that is lighter than the brass tank radiator. And if you are in the market for a high quality all aluminum OE replacement radiator then you have come to the right place since Koyorad has the expertise needed to give you the right product for your vehicle. And you racing enthusiasts who need a lightweight but high performance radiator won’t be disappointed with the Koyorad all aluminum racing radiator with easy drop-in installation on select vehicles.

The Koyorad OE aftermarket replacement condenser is a leader in the industry and the design of the engineers at Koyorad guarantee a true plug and play installation and the extensive list of vehicle applications assures you that you will find one for your car. Because Koyorad is able to manufacture their products themselves they are always ready to make any changes necessary when the market changes and are constantly improving on their existing products.

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