HKS Intercooler Kit with Carbon Air Duct

HKS Intercooler Kit with Carbon Air Duct - RamenTuning

HKS Intercooler Kit with Carbon Air Duct

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HKS Intercooler Kit with Carbon Air Duct. The HKS Intercooler Kit for the Nissan GT-R R35 features two lightweight, large capacity cores and a carbon fiber air duct that greatly improves cooling efficiency. Cooling Performance: The performance of the stock intercoolers is good for stock boost levels. At the higher boost levels provided by the HKS GT570 and GT600 upgrade kits, the temperature of the compressed air is increased. In order to improve cooling performance, larger intercooler cores are required. After countless hours of engineering and performance tests, large (Size: 400x260x65) cores were selected. Lightweight: Intercooler assemblies are lighter than stock and reduces the front-end weight overhang. Stock: 9.6kg (21 lbs) vs HKS: 8.0kg (17 lbs.) Pressure Loss: The new inner fin design minimizes pressure loss throughout the intercooler cores. Effects of Engine Water Temperature: Large capacity cores commonly reduce air flow to the radiator. With the new HKS intercooler design, air flow speed to the radiator is actually increased. During tests at Sendai Highland Circuit and Fuji Speedway, there was no increase in water temperature over stock. Special Large Carbon Air Duct: The shape of the air duct is perfectly matched to the larger core sizes. Incoming air flows efficiently to the intercooler cores enhancing cooling performance. The side air guide plates of the duct also provide sufficient air flow to radiator. (The carbon pattern is a matte twill weave cloth.) Installation Time: Approximately 8-10 hours. Kit Includes: - Intercooler Assemblies with Polished Aluminum Piping - Carbon Air Duct - Silicone Hoses - Clamps and Necessary Hardware. Required Modifications: Modification of the air duct in front of the stock radiator core support. Slight bending of the air conditioner pipes. ** This Intercooler kit is designed for ** Results based on Japanese specs and testing.

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